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The biggest design, cost and fabrication hurdles in a new CNC design are the linear bearings. There are a lot of commercial and DIY solutions out there, but none support an easy, low cost and rapid fabrication philosphy. I want to create a solution to this. The idea is to use a method that seamlessly integrates into standard alumunum extrusion systems.

The basic bearing concept is not new. I have used it for years in my own designs and many high end commercial systems use it. It is the V wheel running on V rail. The problem with the commercial systems is that they are expensive, require a lot of accurate fabrication to integrate and don't seamlessly integrate into standard extrusion systems.

MakerSlide is a V rail integrated into a standard extrusion profile. Since it is based on a standard profile from several sources.


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The goal is to have material, wheels and carriages in stock so builders can quickly get it cut to length and ready to install. The target cost for the extrusion is a penny a millimeter or about $3.00/ft. The wheels will be in the $2-$3 range.


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MakerShip Program  


This is available to any level supporter.  Submit a new, innovative  or interesting open source design or basic idea that uses the material and I will supply enough to build a prototype.   You pay for shipping only.   All you need to do is submit something visually presentable, via sketch, rendering, etc.   The purpose is to generate a little excitement and some good ideas.  All worthy ideas will be posted.  A building sized XY plotter might be a great idea, but prototyping it a smaller scale would be a better idea :-)   I will be the sole final judge of winners and there is no preset maximum or minimum number of winners. This assumes the project gets fully funded of course.

Depending on the success of the project, this may continue after the initial program completes. I already help sponsor some innovative projects on with materials and fabrication and would like to continue that.


Design Decisions.


The MakerSlide idea has been kicked around the web site for nearly half a year now and has gone through several minor changes. I'll describe how we arrived at the final configuration.

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