Here are a few of the projects using MakerSlide

2.x Open Source Laser

This is my laser project that spawned the whole idea for Makerslide. The design has been changed over and tested.

ShapeOko - A complete CNC router in the $300 range

ShapeOko is a successful Kickstarter project that evoled to use Makerslide. I have seen this in action and it is quite impressive for being around $300 ready to go with motors, spindle, drivers...everything including an Arduino to run it via GRBL.

MendelMax - 3D printer

MendellMax is a new extruded aluminum 3D printer. The latest generation uses Makerslide for some of the axes.

Camera Slider - A simple sub $100 example of a cameral slider.


This is an example of a super low cost camera slider. This one is 6 feet long. It uses a lot of stock MakerSlide and a few simple extra bits. The whole thing with motor should cost less than $100 as shown. you need to add a motor driver and something to control the driver like a PC or and Arduino.

Pick and place machine

I don't know much about this project. Someone sent me a link to the video





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